(POETRY) A Woman Of Instinct

The day you reveal you're sharp claws, is the day you see her in flight. 

She has arisen into the air, to defend her territory. 

Yet her battle is not to do harm, but to warn you, of her strength.

Her complex, yet stealth vision, is not to incite pain. 

But, to give wisdom, through her actions.

A physical locking of fists is not necessary.

For her words are her tools of war.

 Not warring for the destruction of you. 

So as, to enable you, to learn from the confrontation

SHE is a multiplex, a layer of emotions. 

Like the lioness, with her cubs, she is aware of any sudden movement in any direction.

Adaptable and creative, intelligently passive, if you leave her alone. 

But woe, if you should step into her, with your profanity. 

Her fight will never be her own. But with the ONE, who watches over her. 

Her instinctive call will alert HIM.

He will deliver you into submission, convicting your troublesome ways.

A woman of instinct knows when to stand back. 

A woman of instinct knows....

When to trickle cold LOVING water, on a fiery tempered head.


By Petula Hippolyte

Ph (c) 2012