Red Lipstick Isn’t For You?

Red lipstick – a universal colour known across the beauty industry, different shades representing lust, love, passion, rage and so may other emotions. However, the hindering thoughts behind many women’s minds is “that would never suit me”, “goodness, it’s too bright and draws too much attention” “it’s all too much”.


In some respects these women are right, it does take courage to walk out of your house with a bold lip on. That is why it is important to have some level of confidence because lip colours as bright as red draw the attention of strangers walking past you. That being said, no woman of any complexion should ever think there isn’t a lush red lipstick out there for her.




Ladies, to get your perfect red lipstick you must realise that is it the highest attention seeking colour in the lipstick spectrum. It highlights, compliments and enhances a very important facial feature, your lips! Now that that’s out of the way, lets find your red lipstick! Firstly, there are 2 major undertones in red lipsticks, Blue and Orange. Everything about your choices depends on these undertones.



Skin Test – How To Select The Perfect Lipstick For You


  • Look at your skin in natural light (sun light). This will help identify the undertones in your skin whether it’s a cool colour such as blue (sometimes pink) or warmer colour such as yellow (or orange).


  • If you are still unsure and without an answer, look at your inner forearm and notice the colour of your veins. Blue veins suggest you have cooler undertones, while green looking veins suggest warmer undertones. 


  • How does this rule apply to red lipsticks you might ask? I mentioned earlier that red lipsticks are either a blue-based colour (which we now know means cool undertone), or an orange-based colour, which off course goes with a warm undertone. So if you can match up the lipsticks’ undertone to yours, you are solid.


For those who need more guidelines than that, blue-based red lipstick tends to suit women of many different complexions in between fair and tanned. It also helps make the teeth appear whiter by cancelling the yellow undertones in the teeth.






Examples of Blue Undertones

Russian Red by MAC

Ruby Woo by MAC

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Diva Red



The orange-based reds tend to draw better attention on mixed race women with warm, yellow, tanned and darker skin tones. Remember when choosing your red, there is no right or wrong colour. So don’t be afraid, be bold and try as many shades as you can to get your perfect red!


Zoe Saldana


Jeniffer Lopez


Blue Undertone in Red Lipstick

Lady Danger by MAC

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick 

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick Kiss of Life


By Princess Fisher