The Black British women encouraging us to care for our natural Afro Hair

Meet the Black British Women entrepreneurs and content creators who are creating experiences to empower with the mindset and tools to love and care for our natural hair.

I was introduced to the London’s natural hair movement in 2013, at the very beginning of my AFRONOIRE journey. A whole new world had opened to me, in which I was able to learn and witness black natural beauty that was unique and individual to the women, children (and sometimes men) who would attend the events. Regardless of whether or not their hair was styled the same, their unique hair patterns, meant that their hair would fall or stand according to its own form — that to me, was and still remains magical.

Arguably at its peak three years ago, with annually hosted events such as Curlvolution, these events provided a space for black women to explore their natural afro hair through carefully curated experiences that included some of the time’s biggest natural hair influencers such as Afrobella and others. That work is still being carried out by Curly Treats - UK’s now largest natural hair and lifestyle festival; Lekia Lee’s ‘Project Embrace and World Afro Day - a global event focused on changing the negative perceptions of Afro hair by raising awareness through information and a celebration of Afro hair across all aspects of society.  

Shirvina Best — Curly Treats

Shirvina Best — Curly Treats

Lékia Lee — Project Embrace

Lékia Lee — Project Embrace

Michelle De Leon (World Afro Day)

Michelle De Leon (World Afro Day)

Additionally challenging the bias against afro hair, are natural hair bloggers and entrepreneurs. Their constant dedication to inform, inspire and encourage us to embrace our natural selves, by sharing their experiences and creating products to give our hair the TLC it deserves, needs to be highlighted in support of the various efforts to positively influence the perceptions of Afro hair.

Meet them below to discover and engage with their stories and their work.


Laila Amakye Mensah

Also known as neffyfrofro, Laila is an entrepreneur and founder of Wildseed Botanicals, a plant-powered skincare brand. Connect with Laila on Instagram and tune into Laila’s channel on YouTube, where she has been sharing her natural hair and lifestyle experiences since 2009.


Joycelyn and Rachael

Joycelyn and Rachael are the power behind ethical and sustainable UK-based natural haircare brand, Afrocenchix. As the first afro hair care brand to be sold at Whole Foods Market, their products are expertly developed and certified. Check out the range and connect with the founders on Instagram and Twitter.


Jay-Ann Lopes & Trina Charles

Jay and Trina are the duo behind the popular brand CURLture — a platform seeking to empower black women from natural hair to supporting black endeavours and are also co-authors of KINK. Get familiar with the duo on their website; follow them and Instagram and check our their content on YouTube.


Tola Okogwu,

An author, haircare coach and blogger, Tola encourages the positive representation of natural hair and ebony skin through her writing. You can engage in Tola’s content and check out her services on her website and connect with her on Instagram.


Jamelia Donaldson

Jamelia is the founder of Treasure Tress, a natural hair care subscription box service for women and young girls, providing quality production from various brands across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Take a look inside the boxes and keep up with brand on Instagram

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