Elizabeth Uviebinené & Yomi Adegoke: authors of Slay in Your Lane


Slay in Your Lane has been officially out for a week now and the reviews and comments about the book applauds the fact that it celebrates and highlights the influential role of Black British Women — at last! From education, work to dating, Yomi and Elizabeth have successfully put into print, various experiences of Black British Women by sharing stories that for many of us will be familiar and for a selected few, revealing of the reality and challenges faced by black women in different areas of British society.

In this edition of #noiretitude, Yomi and Elizabeth gives us a glimpse into their mindset, aspirations and motivations.

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Elizabeth Uviebinené

Co-author of Slay in Your Lane, Elizabeth Uviebinené is also a Brand Marketer from London, with a degree in Politics from Warwick University.

A passionate marketer and a Google Top Black Talent mentee in the past, Elizabeth is well aware of the importance of representation and diversity – something she feels is distinctly lacking on bookshelves, in business and politics.  After reading Sheryl Sandberg’s LEAN IN, Ariana Huffington’s THRIVE and Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS, Elizabeth keenly felt the absence of a self-help book that spoke to her as a young, black, twenty-something woman navigating careers and all aspects of her life. Failing to find a book that acknowledged the uniquely challenging experiences of minority women, she relayed the idea to Yomi Adegoke, her co-author, and suggested they be the women who write it. (Source: Blake Friedmann)

I am... grateful  

I revel in... seeing my vision come to life

My work and creativity enables me to... live my best life

I nurture and protect my state of mind and way of being by... by being true to who I am  

Self expression is… fun

Creativity is... beautiful

I aspire to... be a better person than I was yesterday

I am grateful for... good people

An affirmation... Slay in your lane because when you're in your own lane there is no traffic.


Slay in your lane because when you’re in your own lane there is no traffic.
— Elizabeth Uviebinené

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Yomi Adegoke

Co-author of Slay in Your Lane and award-winning journalist, Yomi Adegoke writes about race, feminism and popular culture.

Yomi Adegoke is an award-winning journalist and senior writer at The Pool. She writes about race, feminism, popular culture and how they intersect, as well as class and politics. In 2013 she founded Birthday Magazine, a publication aimed at black teenage girls, and this year was listed as one of the 200 Women Redefining the Creative Industry by The Dots. She was also named as a 'frontline pioneer' bringing the fight to 'a new generation', by the Evening Standard. (Source: Blake Friedmann)

I am... excited about the future and my future. 

I revel in... the opportunity to make people think differently.  

My work and creativity enables me to...process the world around me and make sense of it as best as I can.

I nurture and protect my state of mind and way of being by... surrounding myself with those with the best intentions for me and keeping my boundaries firm. 

Self expression is... crucial.  

Creativity is.... defined differently by different people: you can be creative in several ways and several spaces. 

I aspire to...be the very best version of myself, defined by me and not the world around me.

I am grateful for... my loved ones, always.

An affirmation.... “You can’t kill me”


You can’t kill me
— Yomi Adegoke

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