Slaying at 'Our Naked Truths'

Skye SIYL.jpg

In continuous support of Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth’s Uviebinené’s ‘Black Girl Bible - Slay in Your Lane’, we gifted samples of the book and badges to the guests at Our Naked Truths - a monthly art therapy workshop. Created by Jocelyn Yeboah-Newton, Our Naked Truths provides a safe space for women to create, connect and celebrate the universal feminine through life art drawing and conversation. What makes Our Naked Truths special is the intimate environment in which it encourages the full expression of women and empowers them to share with an open mind and heart.

Below are the some of the gorgeous images we took the women who show up to draw, connect, converse authentically and slay — always.


You can attend the next ONT event on July 15th which will feature multidisciplinary artist and designer, Sandra Abode. Titled ‘The root of it all’, the session will explore ‘finding the root of sustaining ourselves with themes of creative expression, mental health, understanding others and self, love and grounding practices.’



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