Laurence Sessou, Neuromuscular Therapist and Artist Muse

Photo by Wayne Tippetts

Photo by Wayne Tippetts


From the Republic of Benin, Laurence Sessou, also known as 'Moniasse' is a French-born certified neuromuscular therapist with over 12 years of experience and an alternative model with body scarification and tattoos.

As an artist muse, she has worked with different designers, photographers such as Nick Knight, sculptor Marc Quinn; is the ambassador for Nubian Skin's Moroccan Nights lingerie line and has also been featured in both film and TV. 

In July 2017, she launched AZOOUIWA. Meaning ‘get the work done’ in Fon, AZOOUIWA is a collective championing and celebrating dynamic women through creative collaborations, projects and events.

Discover more about Laurence in her own words, through the following statements. 

Aim to find the opportunity to love daily.
— Laurence 'Moniasse' Sessou

I am: the living dream of my ancestors. 

I revel: in love making.

My work / creativity enables me to: communicate to others what's happening in my inner world. 

I nurture and protect my state of mind / way of being by: being brutally honest and true to myself. I must be able to sit and meditate with all my feelings and accept every aspect of myself. 

Self expression is: liberating.

Creativity is: freedom.

I aspire to: keep on fuelling my fire and passion for life. I love life and I aim to live it fully. 

I am grateful for: my family and the strong network of women in my life.

An affirmation: Aim to find the opportunity to love daily.


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