About The Self Editorial — Editor's Journal #2

moniasse and deborah marie colour.jpg

After meeting Laurence at the beginning of my journey with AFRONOIRE at an event I had been invited to by Public Relations specialist, Ronke Lawal, we kept running into each other as if it was the universe’s way of telling us that a collaboration between us needed to happen. 

So, In early 2016, I reached out to conduct a feature editorial story alongside storytelling writer Melissa Zibi. With global beauty standards being Eurocentric, I wanted to uncover the story behind Laurence’s choices to adorn her body with scarifications and tattoos; their symbolism and how they contributed to making her feel beautiful despite the perception of others. 

Together with the contribution of designer Mercy Ogole, hairstylist (also herbalist) Ama Monique, photographer Rio Romaine and MUA Violent Zeng, we visually captured Laurence’s story visually through an editorial and a 3-minute film as written by Melissa in poetry form.

Directed by Jaha Browne, the film is an exploration of the self and our relationship to the aesthetic of female body through Laurence's personal story in four different stages: confidence; queendom; sensibility and rising.

The results of this editorial can be viewed here as well as the video | Behind-the-scenes