Moving Forward — Editor's Journal #1

deborah marie journal 1

2018 marks our 5th birthday since I launched AFRONOIRE at the age of 20. As I got older and experienced more of the world, I found myself needing to pause in order to find clarity around this passion project. Whilst doing so, I finally graduated with a BA in Magazine Publishing, became a mother and started an MA in Public Relations in 2017.

These, amongst other life-forming experiences — both personal and professional have boosted my desire to revive AFRONOIRE and achieve the vision that I hold for the publication. Thus I have updated our digital platform and will be publishing new content that include editorials, interviews, articles and essays. I will also be organising a series of events in collaborations with other female creatives around the interests of the magazine's readers.

I would like to thank you for your patience and continuous support during long hiatuses. I am and remain grateful for the encourage of those who are still able to see, believe and respect the vision.