Tosin Adeniji, Technology Innovator

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Tosin Adeniji is a 30-year-old Londoner who has transitioned from working in marketing, to a career as a technology innovator. 

Though graduating from the University of Kent with a degree in International Law, Tosin opted to pursue a career in entertainment. She started at Vision PR, moving to Metropolis Studio, EMI/Universal Records, where she worked with over 100 artists including Raphael Saadiq. Using her previous marketing expertise and media content experience, she works today as a product manager at Verizon in New York after graduating with an MBA at Ivy League school Cornell in 2017. 

Discover more about Tosin in her own words, through the following statements. 

I live by the assurance that every experience (good or bad) is preparing you for something bigger
— Tosin Adeniji

I am: an innovative creative marketer, leveraging technology to better media experiences.

I revel in: content of all types. I spend hours browsing online articles, watching video content, listening to podcasts and even reading physical books. I’m a content junkie. 

My work / creativity enables me to: be strategic and technically innovative. It allows me to dig to the core of what a person wants and needs and understand micro-groups. 

I nurture and protect my state of mind / way of being by: traveling often. It inspires me work wise and provides another layer of insight to my marketing tech expertise.

Self expression is: being transparent with yourself first and knowing who you truly are as your self. The expressions will follow organically. 

Creativity is: where individual skill and talent meets inspiration. 

I aspire to: continually impact, shift and push the media tech world forward with new experiences.

I am grateful for: all the unique opportunities I have had over the years and those around me who encourage me that anything is possible. It really is! 

An affirmation: I live by is that assurance that every experience (good or bad) is preparing you for something bigger. Esther 4:14 is my reminder that everything we go through is to prepare us “for such a time as this?”


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