Ronke Adeyemi: founder of brownbeautytalk

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Ronke Adeyemi is the founder of brownbeautytalk, a freelance digital marketing consultant and award-winning blogger at Ondo Lady, where she writes about food, travel and tech.

Lead or get out of the way.
— Ronke Adeyemi

Initially set up as a forum in June 2013 for Women of Colour to discuss beauty issues that affect them, brownbeautytalk is the UK's leading online beauty magazine for Women of Colour. Today, the platform covers everything from finding the right foundation, women of colour who run their own beauty businesses, body image, sun care to going natural. brownbeautytalk’s weekly discussions on Twitter at 8pm (#BBT) has gained a loyal following as well as lots of media coverage on the BBC, The Voice, Pride, Black Hair and on several beauty blogs.

Having collaborated with several beauty brands such as Mavala, Antonia Burrell, Fashion Fair and Anita Grant, in April 2018, Ronke turned these digital conversations into physical experiences by launching a series of brownbeautytalk masterclasses. Themed around specific beauty topics, the event gives women of colour a space to hear from beauty experts, learn, discuss and share beauty issues and ideas. 


In light of brownbeautytalk’s upcoming masterclass, Ronke gives us a glimpse into her mindset and aspirations, further below.


I am... a daughter, sister, friend, cousin, auntie, creative and free spirit.  I am reinventing myself and finding my feet through various projects.

I revel in… creativity, instant gratification so creating events work well for me as well as the digital space. I also revel in pressure and balancing different projects.

My work and creativity enables me to… connect with a wide variety of people, use all my skills and experience. brownbeautytalk has also introduced me to some very talented female entrepreneurs

I nurture and protect my state of mind and way of being by… surrounding myself with positive, talented and hard working people who have a great deal of integrity. I also take time out to nurture my soul by writing and reading great material, relaxing by tucking into a bit of Netflix and Chick Flicks.

Self expression is... using my platform to get my messages across.

Creativity is… bringing your ideas to life.

I aspire to… be the best I can be.

I am grateful for… my family, friends, my health, my brain and everything I have acquired in life.

An affirmation… lead or get out of the way.


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Be sure to...

Check out brownbeautytalk's upcoming intimate Makeup Masterclass with with Florence Adepoju, the founder of MDMflow. Taking place on June 21st at the Hunter Collective, you will be introduced to the MDMflow brand, Florence's start-up journey and her future plans. Tickets are free and can be booked here

Follow brownbeautytalk on Instagram, Twitter; participate in the #bbt talks on Sundays from 8pm and also keep up with Ronke on Twitter and Instagram.

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