Winnie Awa, Co-Founder of Antidote Street

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Winnie Awa is the co-founder of antidotestreet.coman online destination for afro and multi-textured hair products.

I am living openly and expansively
— Winnie Awa

Passionate about changing the status-quo in the underserved black hair industry, Antidote Street has today become home to over 20 brands and serves customers across the UK, Europe, Middle east and beyond. 

Born in Aba, the commercial centre in the southeast of Nigeria, Winnie moved to the UK at the age of 16 to complete her A-levels and University education. After completing her degree in Management & Information Technology, she started her professional life as a management consultant and would later go on to hone her craft in the e-commerce world, working for companies such as Net-a-porter and ASOS.  

Upon transitioning from relaxed to natural, Winnie was frustrated by the ‘faff’ associated with finding high quality hair care product formulated specifically for afro and multi-textured hair. Along with her co-founders, she launched in 2014, determined to provide easy access to the best brands, valuable hair education along with a beautiful user experience and excellent customer service.

I am: a polymath. 

I revel in: positivity.

My work /creativity enables me to: re-imagine the world.

I nurture and protect my state of mind / way of being by: operating from a place of possibility. 

Self expression is: fulfilling the highest and truest expression of myself.

Creativity is: listening to one's innermost voice.

I aspire to: changing the status quo.

I am grateful for: my friends who see me.

An affirmation: I am living openly and expansively.

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