Juicing, clean eating or fashionable hype? - Get juicing with our 5 day challenge


The veteran health gurus of LA may have got this starvation down to an art but what about the everyday folk? While juicing can give you a multitude of health benefits that include essential vitamin and minerals. It can leave you lacking in other major essentials such as protein. Nonetheless after my chocolate filled Easter break, I decided I would take up a five-day juicing challenge. Just to see if I would feel more “energised” and three chocolate eggs lighter! I am fortunate to own a smoothie maker so I did not have to apply for a small loan for the latest state-of-the art Juice maker. I also opted to skip the full on liquid diet as I thought the sudden change would probably shock my body into receiving medical help! Instead I decided to just replace my breakfast and lunch meals with the juice, and have a normal dinner. Additionally, I wanted to keep plenty Iron and protein in my diet that I would not otherwise have received from this challenge. To get started I chose some recipes I found on the web that looked the most appealing then hit my local supermarket.

DAY (1)

Ingredients:2 Oranges, 1 Lemon, Root ginger, 2 chopped Carrots, Half a cup of fresh water

Verdict: Strong orange taste and the ginger gave it a nice “kick”. This juice is aimed to be a good boost for the immune system. Packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

Day (2)

Ingredients: 1 green Apple, 1 Orange, a handful of curly Kale and a cup of water

Verdict: Love, Love, Love! Tasted of fresh sweet apples. Kale is a superfood. High in Vitamin K, Vitamin A, and calcium. Packed with antioxidants.

Day (3)

Ingredients: Handful of fresh Blueberries, 1 Banana, half a cup of fresh Coconut milk, teaspoon of Cinnamon and a teaspoon of Honey.

Verdict: Thick and filling. Tasted like a milkshake however not as sweet as I first anticipated. This is packed with antioxidant goodness.

Day (4)

Ingredients: 1 Banana, 1 glass of fresh Coconut milk and 1 tablespoon of Peanut butter

Verdict: My favourite mix ever. All the flavours blended together to make a rich filling drink. Energy boosting goodness.

Day (5)

Ingredients: Handful of ripe Strawberries, half of Cucumber (sliced), 5 fresh Mint leaves and a cup of water

Verdict: A fruity taste. The mint gives it a fresh twist. I felt this would make a very good summer punch once alcohol is added to it. However this was not filling enough to keep you throughout day.

I challenge you to try out some of the recipes and  remember to let us know how you got on. Alternatively if you know of some other delicious juicing recipes, let us know here at Afronoire so we can try them out.