#StyleDuJour: Akosua Afriyie-Kumi, Fashion Accessories Designer of A A K S


Having graduated with a BA(hons) Fashion Degree from Kingston University in London; Akosua embarked on a journey to Ghana to start her own business before turning 30! Her brand A A K S designs raffia handwoven bags in exuberant colours and styles that are handcrafted by a women’s cooperative team in the northern Region of Ghana. Each collection silhouette is unique and tells a different story through detail, colour and shape. A A K S is a brand that is truly African in origin, nature and tradition. Akosua’s main aim for her brand is to capture true African luxury as well as preserve and promote African weaving and its heritage by revising the skills and craftsmanship. Photo Source: a.a.k.s Instagram

Though two years in the making, A.A.K.S launched successfully 7 months ago and can now be purchased internationally from stores like Anthropologie (in the summer) and Styled By Africa. When she is not working on her any collections, Akosua enjoys reading, photography, travel, yoga and playing golf!

About your picture

I am wearing my favourite GAP trousers with a TopShop Unique top, my A.A.K.S NICA tote handbag and Russell and Bromley Sandals and my Canon camera and William Tempest Print Scarf.

Photo Source: a.a.k.s Instagram


What’s your style ethos?

Feeling comfortable is key.


Describe your sense of style/fashion in 1 sentence

I wear a lot of white cottons which serves as a blank canvas to place colour on and also be able to breathe as my work involves me working in high temperatures in the north of Ghana. My bags are very exuberant in colour so white is the perfect palette.


How does your style empower you?

It allows me to stay calm and the most comfortable when out and about or working with my weavers in 42 degree heat sunshine almost everyday.


Ethical fashion - Yes or no? Why?

Yes because it gives us the chance to buy wisely and also know where and who made our clothes. This knowledge is empowering.


Your favourite style statement item

Bold necklaces and my AAKS bags.


Your favourite colour(s)



Your favourite type of shoe

Flip-flops as I live in the heat now!


Your 5 fashion essentials

Lip Balm, Water to stay hydrated always, my sunglasses, camera or phone, scarf!


3 items you’ll never be caught wearing

A MAXI DRESS & a knee LENGTH JUMPSUIT. Could change over time but for now its these looks.


1 practical style tip

Always wear flats on when on the go and heels at night or day to stand out!

Editor's Note:

Akosua's bags are too die for! I admire and I love them for their bold, vibrant colours and of course, craftsmanship! There's nothing like a piece of clothing, accessories that tells a story! You can keep up with Akosua and her wonderful work on Facebook and Instagram. For more information about A A K S, visit www.aaksonline.com

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