Ade Hassan, Founder of Nubian Skin

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On a mission to redefine ‘nude’, Ade Hassan MBE, is the founder of Nubian Skin - a nude lingerie and hosiery brand for women of colour founded in 2013. 

After completing her higher education in the US and the UK, Ade entered the corporate world and worked at various finance and consulting institutions, all the while harbouring her entrepreneurial ambitions. The manifestation of her dream began with a friend’s reminder 'to start living the life [she has] always imagined’ through a birthday card in 2012 and thus began the Nubian Skin journey.

Today, Nubian Skin is a successful, award-winning global brand that has created a created a positive impact within the fashion industry. Her upbringing across the UK, Nigeria, the Middle East and the USA has given her a global perspective which has undoubtedly contributed to her success and continues to influence her today.

Discover more about Ade in her own words, through the following statements. 

You deserve happiness and you have the power to create that happiness.
— Ade Hassan

I am: happy.

I revel in: love and my family.

My work / creativity enables me to: live my dream.

I nurture and protect my state of mind / way of being by: being true to myself.

Self expression is: feeling comfortable with who you are.

Creativity is: being able to express yourself.

I aspire to: accomplish my goals and live the life I want to lead.

I am grateful for: my family and my health.

An affirmation: You deserve happiness and you have the power to create that happiness.


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